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Organic Herbs: 

local (Tampa Bay):  Roots of the Sun https://www.rootsofthesun.com/

online:  Mountain Rose Herbs  https://www.mountainroseherbs.com/

Services (Tampa Bay)

Ayurvedic Skincare & Facials: https://moonlithealing.com/

If you live in the Tampa Bay area, you MUST work with Leovita!  She is a close friend and Ayurvedic colleague of mine and she gives the most divine facials, leaving your skin and heart both glowing and radiant!  

Leovita also works as a Doula to expectant mothers, so check out her services in this area as well, if pregnant and in the Tampa Bay area! <3

Deep Tissue Massage & Svedhana (Sauna/Sweat therapy):  Brandon Hylton (727)-204-6104

Brandon is a phenomenal massage therapist, friend, and massage colleague of mine.  He wears his heart (made of gold) on his sleeve and he offers add on options of using an infrared sauna (great for Ayurvedic Svedhana therapy if this is indicated for your doshas!) as well as a biomat, essential oil blends, and so much more.   

Kundalini Yoga:  Cody Sherwood  (727)-517-5942

Cody is devoted to practicing and teaching Kundalini Yoga to groups as well as individuals

Structural Therapy:  Neurosomatic Practitioner Angela Stice

For any accidents, injuries or chronic structural pain, I highly suggest both Neurosomatic therapy as well as specifically Angela Stice, whom I have worked with extensively myself.  

Myofascial Therapy:  Heather Sabel-Bryan

Heather is an incredible therapist and will unwind your body's connective tissue in ways you didn't even realize was possible!