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Choose a card from the deck each day to connect to a plantary mantra that if appropriate, you can then recite throughout the day to channel a particular energy.  


Each deck is composed of 54 cards, and 54 mantras to help you tap into the energies and lessons of the navagrahas, or the nine celestial observational bodies in Vedic Astrology.  Six different cards with six different mantras for each of the seven tangible bodies (the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus & Saturn) are included in each pack, and five cards and mantras are included for the shadow planets of Rahu & Ketu.  The final two cards of each deck are devoted to mantras that address all nine energies simultaneously.  


Mantras are meant to be repeated over and over, orally and out loud, and using the correct pronounciation.  Please feel free to browse the mantra section of this website to hear the proper pronounciation of each mantra included in your deck.  


NOTE: Shipping is included for the cards being sent directly from the Printing company to anyone in the continental United States.  Shipping to Canada or other destinations outside the US may be in addition to the cost of the actual deck.  Please email me at ayamveda@gmail.com with any questions or concerns.  

Mandala Mantra Deck