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Ayamveda is a website whose content and services are intended for the sole purpose of promoting a deep exploration of Self to aid in one's health and healing.   

In no way should anyone ever leave feeling that they were given medical advice or mental health guidance, as it is here that you are asked to be your OWN healer.   It is the very philosophy of Ayamveda that advice should never be given by another to another, but heard deep within the Self.  All information shared on the website, within linked content, or shared with clients, is thus for educational purposes only, and the goal of this service is Self-empowerment.   

Should anyone visiting this site be looking for, wanting, or in need of medical or mental health advice, you will need to work with a medical professional that you trust and whose expertise and opinions you respect. 

Nothing published through the Ayamveda website is intended to substitute for Western medical or mental health guidance.