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As all natural health practitioners and supplement products are legally required to say and list, none of the health benefits listed beneath any of these products has been evaluated by the FDA (the FDA does not evaluate natural supplements at all), nor should my recommendations for you to take them be substituted as medical advice from a western MD. 


If you are unsure about using any product or therapy that I have suggested to you, please always use your best judgment and listen to yourself before giving your power away to me or anyone else.  YOU were given this body (ecosystem) of yours, and therefore YOU are always responsible for how you treat it.  Should you choose to consult a medical doctor that you trust to get their opinion on the supplements you take as well, I will always encourage you to do so, however it should be noted that oftentimes western medical doctors have limited understanding of nutrition and supplementation.  

Now with all that said, please enjoy this resource I have created for you.  On the following three tabs, you will find links to many of the products and lifestyle supports you may have seen me recommend for you on your Chikitsa. 


You are more than welcome to source your own supplements as you like, but here I have listed my own preferred brands that I find are of the highest quality,   Thank you for trusting me as your Vedic Holistic Health Practitioner, and for also supporting my work as an Amazon Affiliate (should you purchase any products through the links on these tabs).  

Namaste.  Always.